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CycleOps VirtualTraining Apps and Pricing
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Get out, get out, wherever you are.

CycleOps VirtualTraining makes it easy to bring the outside in, whether you’re on a tablet, desktop or phone.

VirtualTraining Premium

Get an upgrade and go CycleOps VirtualTraining Premium!

When you upgrade your subscription you get access to all the CVT features that you are accustomed to, plus much more!

  • Exclusive access to select PainCave workouts perfectly synced and ready to use with your smart trainer.
  • Premium only HD route content created by professional RLV video producers.
  • Multiplatform subscription, easily move from your mobile device, tablet and PC when you choose premium.
  • Shared access. Does a family member want to use CVT too? We’ve got you covered! You can share your premium membership with another family member without needing to purchase a 2nd.
  • Real Partners. With premium you can connect up to four trainers together to one instance of CVT and ride together (PC Only, real partner is not supported on Apple or Android devices)




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iPhone and iPad

VirtualTraining iOS App

Download on the Apple App Store

Monthly Plan: $6.99/mo
12 Month Plan: $69.99/year


VirtualTraining Desktop App

Download VirtualTraining Desktop App

Monthly Plan: $8.99/mo


VirtualTraining Android App

Download on Google Play

Monthly Plan: $6.99/mo
12 Month Plan: $69.99/year

VirtualTraining Route Editor


The VirtualTraining Route Editor is a free app for PC that will enable you to create virtual routes for yourself and for sharing with the CVT community.

Simply download and install it on your PC, then upload your GPS and video file that you have created from your favorite ride.

If you don’t have a GPS or action camera you can still easily create a route by using the integrated Google map to plot your course.



Feature / Version iOS Android Desktop
CycleOps VirtualTraining Account Yes Yes Yes
Profile training Yes Yes Yes
Interval training Yes Yes Yes
Heart rate training No No Yes
Online racing Yes Yes Yes
Controlled resistance Yes Yes Yes
Power to speed Yes Yes Yes
Speed to power Yes Yes Yes
Video streaming Yes Yes Yes
ANT+ wireless Yes Yes Yes
BlueTooth Smart Yes Yes Yes
Data import Tablet only Tablet only Yes


Subscription Plan 2-Week Trial Paid
VirtualTraining account Yes Yes
Analysis Yes Yes
Create and share virtual routes Yes Yes
Data import Yes Yes
Profile indoor training Limited Yes
Interval indoor training Limited Yes

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