FIrmware Update Instructions

Update your firmware through The Saris Utility App

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Firmware on the H2, M2, Hammer and Magnus can be updated wirelessly when new firmware releases are available. To enjoy the full capabilities of the smart trainers, including ongoing enhancements and Over-the-Air firmware updates you must download the Saris App from the Apple App Store or Android Play.

  Please note that the Hammer and Magnus have sleep timers, so be sure that your trainer has not fallen asleep by giving it a spin and ensuring its blue indicator light is blinking prior to starting the update.
For further questions regarding the firmware update process please contact our Customer Support Team.

1. Open the Saris App and select "update firmware"

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2. Once the trainer is found, it will show as an updateable device. Select “update available” to see firmware notes.

Update Firmware

3. Select the red “update firmware” button to initiate the update

Wait for the update to finish

4. Update will process automatically and when it is complete you will get confirmation

Wait for the update to finish