142x12 Trainer Thru Axle Adapter

142x12 Trainer Thru Axle Adapter

  • Adapts a thru axle hub bike for a trainer.
  • Compatible with CycleOps Classic and Pro Series Trainers.
  • Fits most 142x12mm Thru axle bikes with 1.0 or 1.75 thread pitch.


SKU: 9707

Trainer Thru Axle Adapter for CycleOps Trainers

Fits most 142mm thru axles with 1.0 and 1.75 thread pitch

This kit consists of an axle, washers, and end caps with bolts for use with CycleOps Classic or Pro Series trainers. The axle is threaded on both sides to fit Syntace and Maxle/ABP style thru axle systems.

Contact us with compatibility questions. PowerSync Trainers are not currently 29er compatible.

Partial List of Compatible Bike Frames

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