PowerTap Challenge Winners

PowerTap Challenge Winners

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Thank you to everyone who went the distance with the PowerTap Challenge! Now that the challenge has come to an end, it’s time to announce the 10 lucky winners of a brand new PowerTap Bluetooth PowerCal.

  • Chris G. (ChrisGino)
  • Mark K. (Mark.kasten)
  • Darian V. (Dazzavazza)
  • George S. (Ghsauter)
  • Todd M. (Tmal)
  • Jim B. (Billy3308)
  • Kenneth D. (Kenledob)
  • Ronald S. (Ronski)
  • Oleg F. (Filliny)
  • Zed66

Congratulations to all of the finishers for their great efforts in meeting the 250 mi/402 km goal! And if your name wasn’t randomly selected, don’t worry – there are other prizes still to be won in the CycleOps Challenge - including a brand new PowerSync indoor trainer! Prizes will be announced soon, so stay tuned.

Looking to put your career on the fast track? You’re in luck because this weekend is another Double Points Weekend! Clear your schedule and get ready to leave your current career ranking in the dust.