Ironman Kona Challenge in CycleOps VirtualTraining

Ironman Kona Challenge in CycleOps VirtualTraining

Kona Ironman Badge

The triathlons of all triathlons is almost upon us. Every year the Ironman World Championships take place in Kona, Hawaii, where the crème de la crème of triathlon duke it out to see who's the best at 140.6. In the spirit of Kona, we wanted to offer you a taste of Ironman suffering, which is why we've initiated the hardest CVT challenge ever. Your mission is to complete an Ironman distance bike in one day. If you succeed it, you'll be moved to the next level in your CVT career. A sweet prize, is it not?

The Ironman Kona Challenge will take place only on October 8th, 2016.


"Ride at least 180km/112 mi on October 8, 2016. Any miles completed between 12:00am UCT and 11:59pm UCT on October 8th will be applied to the challenge." Every finisher will be moved to the next CVT Career level.

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