New Desktop Features Coming Soon in CVT

New Desktop Features Coming Soon in CVT

We are excited to bring you a complete, ground-up redesign of our popular PC application. This new version has a completely new layout and its user friendly design makes it easier than ever to use. Face-to-face riding, real partners and the ability to connect up to four trainers together are just some of the many upgrades waiting for you this fall! This update will be available to all active subscribers soon, and if you are interested in getting an early sneak peek we are still accepting users to join our beta testing team for a little while longer, check out for more info.

Our new desktop will make it easier than ever to find out what's happening in CVT. Upcoming challenges, friendship requests, user career level and more will be shown in our new dashboard (see below).

Updated Desktop Dashboard
Updated Desktop Dashboard

You'll also get updates from our new notification system, as seen in the upper right corner above, so you don't miss a thing. This update also includes a brand new career mode. Go to the "My Career" link in the left navigation bar and you will find information about your career progress, including current level, required tasks to advance and info on becoming a CVT World Class rider!

Plus all the features you know and love are still there – now sporting some new improvements. All ride options are located on the left action bar, and it's clearly divided into a few easy-to-use sections – User Information, Routes, Workouts and Other rides - including FTP test, Free ride, Challenges and Online Races.


My Favorites

You no longer have to search for your favorite routes. Now you can add your choice routes to your favorites collection! Simply search for a route, click it to view its details and then click "Add to Favorites."

Add to Favorites Feature
Add to Favorites Feature

Premium Routes

Soon we will also begin offering a Premium CVT Subscription. This Premium subscription will include unique features for these users, such as access to our Premium Routes section. These routes are all HD quality, RLV (real life videos) that will continually grow over time. So if you want to ride some of the best routes in the world with the best possible resolution, get Premium!

Popular Routes

In this section videos are sorted by user route ratings, so don't forget to rate each route after your ride. Plus each rating has been verified and checked so you know they're legit.

New Route Display for Rides on CVT Desktop
New Route Display for Rides on CVT Desktop


Search for the route that best suits your training needs or time constraints. To do this, use the filter bar on the right side of the search screen to pinpoint the route that best meets your goals.

Pinpoint the route that best meets your goals

Partners and Goals

For each training ride, you will soon have even better options to ride with partners and meet your goals. You'll be able to choose up to three real partners, virtual partners or even set up Time or FTP goals in the pre-training screen.

A glimpse at the upcoming pre-training screen
A glimpse at the upcoming pre-training screen


The Workouts section is divided similarly to the Rides section, with Favorites, Premium Workouts, Popular Workouts and a Search option. Premium CVT subscribers will have exclusive access to select PainCave workout videos that are already synced with the workout profile and ready to ride. CVT will still support The Sufferfest videos, and you can find many of their workout profiles already in CVT. Video can be added to these workouts, but must first be purchased from

Other Rides

Free Ride

Here you are able to freely control your trainer based on either power or slope, play your own video content if you wish and ride as long as you want to. Users that are not active subscribers to CVT will also be able to use this Free Ride feature of CVT, but will be limited to one hour at a time.

FTP Test

Stay on top of your game and track your training progress. FTP (Functional Threshold Power) tests are an important factor in tracking fitness progress and will be a necessary part of advancing in CVT's Career Mode.


Join your CVT friends and the rest of the community in these fun, yet taxing events. You can easily access the Challenge section on the desktop to see what's on the calendar. For the completion of each challenge you will receive a unique finishers badge to add to your collection.

Online Races

It's back! With online racing you can race against other riders whether they are in the room next door, or half way around the world. These live races are a fun way to compete and ride with others. It's also a great way to continue that Wednesday night group ride all winter long from the comfort of your home.

The new desktop version of CVT is currently in Beta testing phase. Active subscribers can expect updates and the release of new features and improvements soon after our Beta Team is able to put them through the wringer, stay tuned!