Get Acquainted with the New CVT Subscription Levels

Get Acquainted with the New CVT Subscription Levels

Get Acquainted with the New CVT Subscription Levels

CycleOps VirtualTraining is now available at two different subscription levels: premium and standard. For Standard subscribers, nothing will change. All the features you know and love will remain in the standard subscription. The most notable change is the introduction of our Premium subscription level.

The Premium subscription is the most powerful level of CVT as it is universal and cross-platform. As a Premium subscriber, you'll be able to log into any supported device (PC, iPad, iPhone and Android) and
have access to all the premium content and features:

  • Cross-platform
  • Premium routes
  • Premium workouts
  • Real partner (up to 3 more real partners/trainers from the same PC)
  • Plus more, including family subscription sharing...

Do you use CVT across your entire family? So don't worry! Premium is designed exactly for you! You can pay only one Premium subscription and connect up to 2 family members to your account in the management of subscription.

What about pricing?

  • 15 USD / 1 Month subscription plan
  • 12 USD / 6 Months subscription plan
  • 10 USD / 1 Year subscription plan

Note: All active subscribers using Desktop ver. 3.X.X are able to use the new one. However, owners of the lifetime license have to become active subscribers to use ver. 4.X.X.All active PC subscribers are rolled into the Premium subscription. If you want to use only standard subscription, please log into the web portal and change the option in User Settings.

What if I don't want to upgrade?

That's a great question. We realize that the Premium subscription may not be for everyone, which is why the standard subscription will continue in three different forms: PC, iOS and Android.

The PC Standard subscription is for PC only users. If you use a PC only and you don't need the premium content this is the best choice for you.

  • Pricing

    • 8.99 USD / 1 Month subscription plan

The CycleOps VirtualTraining Standard iOS subscription is the universal subscription on the iOS platform where you can use your iPhone or iPad with the same subscription. To use the standard iOS subscription on more than one Apple device, you must subscribe through our website. If you choose to subscribe through iTunes you will only have access to CVT from the device that you used to sign up.

  • Pricing via web portal (you can use both iPad/iPhone for one account)

    • 6.99 USD / 1 Month subscription plan
    • 69.99 USD / 1 Year subscription plan

  • Pricing via iTunes (you can use only one iOS device – either iPad or iPhone)

    • 5.99 USD / 1 Month subscription plan
    • 59.99 USD / 1 Year subscription plan

CycleOps VirtualTraining Standard Android subscription is for the Android platform. If you use an Android device it's simple to use across one or more devices as our app works on both phone and tablet. You can subscribe via Google Play.

  • Pricing

    • 6.99 USD / 1 Month subscription plan
    • 69.99 USD / 1 Year subscription plan

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