Double Points Weekend on CVT

Double Points Weekend on CVT

It's the last weekend before the holidays and we're so excited to bring you amazing news – from 18th December (1 a.m. UTC) to 20th December (12 p.m. UTC) your career points will be counted twice! Use this opportunity to make your CycleOps VirtualTraining career progress at double the speed. Whether you’re preparing for a holiday feast, a winter race or working on your fitness goals – this is the perfect weekend to get some time in the saddle.

How Points are Calculated

For both indoor and outdoor rides, points are calculated with a TSS * 20% equation. On this special, double weekend points are calculated by TSS * 40%. So if your training TSS is 100, you'll receive 40 career points this weekend only – instead of the usual 20 points.

Outdoor Rides

All outdoor activities must to be done with power meter. This is to ensure that we have TSS information so we can count your points.

Indoor Rides

No changes here! Simply get your bike secured in your CVT compatible trainer and pedal away.

Double Points Weekends 2016

Due to the incredible popularity of our first double points weekend in December 2015, we’re going to be doing this more often. Mark your calendars for...

  • January 15–17
  • February 19–21
  • March 18–20
  • April 15–17


Happy riding!