Connect to CVT Faster than Ever with Scan Mode

Connect to CVT Faster than Ever with Scan Mode

Just like you are getting faster on the bike thanks to CycleOps VirtualTraining, we are getting faster at detecting your devices thanks to your feedback. The latest version of CVT has a new method for sensor pairing, which we call Scan Mode.

Scan mode makes pairing your devices easier and faster than ever. When you select your device or sensor, your active sensor will be quickly found and paired within only a few seconds, giving you more time to ride. Also through the new implemented ANT+ FE – C protocol (Fitness equipment control), you can use the TACX Vortex Smart and Bushido Smart trainers, Elite, Bkool and all other FE-C compatible trainers with full CycleOps VirtualTraining support. We are also continuing to implement support for some Kettler and SRM indoor trainers. If you have a trainer that isn't currently supported by CycleOps VirtualTraining we would love to hear from you at:

The big change with scan mode is that it only takes a few simple steps to connect your device to the trainer. The main difference, compared to the older method, is that scan mode searches for all available sensors in the area. Additionally, it shows you multiple sensors in one place (heart rate, cadence, etc.), so you no longer have to search for each sensor separately. The app will now show all available sensors – all you need to do is choose yours and start the ride.

Scan mode is already integrated in the Desktop, iPad and iPhone Apps, and will be coming soon to Android.

CycleOps Virtual Training Scan Mode for Desktop
Scan mode – Desktop App

CycleOps Virtual Training Scan Mode for iPad
Scan mode – iPad

CycleOps Virtual Training Scan Mode for iPhone
Scan mode – iPhone