12 Hour Trainer Ride – For a Cause

12 Hour Trainer Ride – For a Cause

What's the longest you have been on your indoor cycle trainer in one sitting? One, two, maybe three hours? Mike Horton and Evan Tobey of Outdoor Sports Center (OSC) in Wilton, Connecticut, recently rode for 12 hours straight and in that time frame they completed ten grueling cycling challenges - totaling 170 miles per rider! If you find yourself asking why anyone would do such a thing, you are not alone. We reached out to Mike and Evan to learn more about their journey to promote and raise money for a cause they both hold dearly to their heart, The Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson's.

Mike Horton and Evan Tobey of Outdoor Sports Center

Mike said, "I decided to raise funds for this great cause because I've worked with a Parkinson's patient before. It's important to me that people are given ways to continue to live a full life while science continues to work toward a cure."

Riding the CycleOps indoor trainer

Interestingly enough, high cadence cycling helps to fire synapses in the brain that can stave off the effects of Parkinson's Disease. Most of the time Parkinson's patients need "forced exercise," and stationary bike training is a great method to accomplish that. Mike Horton from OSC has personal experience in helping provide this type of exercise. For several months he drove a tandem bike on a Fluid2 bike trainer with a patient clipped into the pedals in the stoker seat. They rode together spinning at 105 rpm for an hour every morning, listening to NPR. Mike states, "That's really what got me interested in helping patients with Parkinson's Disease."

Projector screen with cycling video challenges

In order to turn the miles into dollars the team at Outdoor Sports Center banded together to spread the word about their event to potential donors. Two bikes were set up in the shop on CycleOps PowerBeam indoor trainers, and those trainers were connected to the CycleOps VirtualTraining app to ensure there could be no cheating. A projector screen was set up in front of Mike and Evan with cycling video challenges from The Sufferfest series. Sound was pumped through massive speakers to get store patrons and curious onlookers involved. Throughout the day the OSC group sent out pictures and messages via social media and donations came rolling in from online and in-store contributions. In total, the team raised near $2,000 for The Davis Phinney Foundation.

Statistics on mobile while riding

When asked if they would do it again Mike responded, "I would definitely consider doing this event again." The guys set out to accomplish the goal of "riding 10 really badass training videos back-to-back with minimal rest and raise money for a great charity" and they definitely accomplished it!