The indoor season is starting!

The indoor season is starting!

The indoor season is here and CycleOps VirtualTraining is ready. Our developers have added many new features and improvements to the app.

What's New in Virtual Training?

Shared Workouts

Now you can share your workouts through all of your VirtualTraining apps. Workouts that are marked as favorites will be synced with all our apps as well as the VirtualTraining community. You can even add your friends and public workouts to your favorites list.

The new workouts are also now available alongside popular indoor training videos. We have already prepared workouts synchronized with The Sufferfest and are working on more. This is also available through the VirtualTraining portal.

Key features of new workouts

  • Share workouts with all your friends, select users only or make them public for everyone.
  • Set up workouts based on target power, power/weight, % FTP or % Grade.
  • Synchronize any video with workouts.
  • Name your workout segments.
  • Display text instructions during the ride.

Just like our virtual routes, all data from your workouts is saved and uploaded on the VirtualTraining portal and into the cloud.

CycleOps VirtualTraining

Photo credit: The Sufferfest

What's New in VirtualTraining for iPad?

  • Fully compatible with iOS 8.
  • Multilanguage support — German, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Czech & Portuguese.
  • New workout sharing features.
    • Sync video with workouts — ready for The Sufferfest.
    • Text instructions.
    • Improvements in workout editor.
  • Routes.
    • New prediction slope control.
    • UI improvements.
    • Video issue (black screen.)
  • FTP Test.
  • IC 400 — default initial gear.
  • PowerSync support.
  • Other small fixes.

What's New in VirtualTraining for Android Tablet?

  • New workout sharing features.
    • Set up workouts based on target power, power/weight, % FTP or % Grade.
    • Synchronized list of your workouts.
    • Video syncing — ready for The Sufferfest etc.
    • Text instructions.
    • Name of segments + auto "lap" per segment + distribution of information on VirtualTraining portal.
  • FTP mark in all graphs.
  • Integration of power and heart rate zones.
  • Improvement of Free ride UI.
  • Video issue fix in routes.
  • Redesign of training activity detail.
  • Stability improvements.
  • PowerSync support.

Coming Soon: VirtualTraining for iPhone and Android Mobile

Finally, you will be able to install VirtualTraining on your iPhone and Android Mobile device! VirtualTraining Mobile will have all of the same great features and functionality as the tablet version. We are currently testing the mobile app and will soon start the certification process.


What's new for VirtualTraining Desktop?

We have integrated all of the changes mentioned above into the desktop version and have done many improvements to the UI (aka: user interface). It's much easier to search for routes and workouts. You can also choose to stream video from the virtual routes on-line, so now you don't need to download and store many GB's worth of videos on your computer!

The latest version also has improvements to Google Maps and Street View.

All users can try the desktop version in TRIAL mode for free for 14 days. Try routes and workouts, experience online racing, and any other feature.

View the complete list of CycleOps VirtualTraining Desktop new features.

Last but not least: A new VirtualTraining portal is coming!

Our developers have rebuilt the portal completely. You will soon be able to search for virtual routes quickly, create workouts (or import workouts from .erg, .mrc files), share workouts with friends and much more.

You will be able to import training activities from your PowerTap Joule/Joule GPS or Garmin device directly via the web, or you can import TCX and FIT files. All activities in your personal training diary plus your activities are uploaded into the cloud automatically.

The developers are working on adding the ability of the web portal, or community, to auto create a virtual route from an outdoor activity. So, it will not be necessary to install a desktop version and route editor!

Check out the CycleOps VirtualTraining Community to learn more or learn more about CycleOps VirtualTraining from