Get to Know CycleOps VirtualTraining

Get to Know CycleOps VirtualTraining

CycleOps has all the tools to bring your ride inside year round. It's more than a tagline--it's the truth. We are more than indoor trainers, rollers and indoor cycles. We've also got the software that brings those training tools to life. We're talking about our one-of-a-kind software: CycleOps VirtualTraining.

CycleOps VirtualTraining is a software program that allows you to ride virtual routes from all over the world. These routes are created by cycling enthusiasts, just like you, who hit the road with a GoPro, a moped, bike, car or even drone, and record every turn of a famous or favorite route.

We're talking real video of actual roads. There's nothing computer generated about it.

Our CycleOps VirtualTraining community is over 40,000 strong, many of whom are committed to filming and uploading routes. Additionally, we've got a team that certifies them based on GPS accuracy. That way you know the elevation grades on the screen are the same you'd be experiencing if you were hitting Alpe d'Huez in person. This same certification team traveled Europe this summer to film over 20 fan-favorite routes from the Tour de France and the Giro d'Italia.

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Col d'Izoard from the Tour de France

The fact of the matter is we're proud of what CycleOps VirtualTraining is today. The platform has come a long way since we first launched. Once only available on PC desktop, it can now also run a variety of devices included iPads, iPhones and Android tablets and mobile devices. We continually work at adding new features and functionality. Plus our platform works with a wide variety of equipment, although it performs the best with our own PowerBeam and PowerSync indoor bike trainer or the Wahoo Fitness KICKR.

Need a second opinion? If you're a fan of DC Rainmaker, his 2014-2015 Winter Training App blog highlighted our VirtualTraining saying:

When I look at all the tablet based apps, the Virtual Training app is probably the most complete. It can do everything from structured workouts, where it has the easiest structured workout builder of all the training apps, to real course videos. The videos it pulls from a massive online database of rides. You can either ride other people's videos, upload your own, or choose from higher quality ones sprinkled throughout.

You can also ride routes without videos – just like GPS courses. While you can't directly upload a GPS course via the tablet app, you can use the desktop app to do so (and it doesn't require payment in trial mode).

From a sensor standpoint it'll connect to and control resistance controlled trainers including PowerBeam and KICKR, as well as estimate wattage on a number of other trainers. It can connect to both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart accessories easily. And it's available on both Android and iOS, as well as the PC. The PC version has additional Google Earth functionality and integration. Given the tablet version is a sweet deal at $5-6 a month (depending on how you purchase), I'd start there and see if it meets your needs. Overall, when it comes to tablet apps the Virtual Training app and platform is the most complete one out there.

Want to see more? Take a look at our video. And if you have a compatible set-up, you can try CycleOps VirtualTraining for two weeks, cost-free.

And like all CycleOps products, our incredible customer service team is always here to help.