Why CycleOps?

No really, why should I choose CycleOps?

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At CycleOps, we realize at the heart of every cyclist is a better cyclist. Not better as defined by speed necessarily, rather by progress, improvement, the setting of goals and reaching them, and by having fun along the way.

Coming from a manufacturer of indoor cycles and trainers, we understand that it may sound a little self-serving to say that a trainer can and should be an integral part of this self-improvement journey. But it's true; trainers are extremely efficient and effective, and can be used throughout the year to help you reach your fitness goals. Add a virtual training application and indoor training no longer needs to be viewed as an act of basement torture. We'd even go as far as saying that indoor training can now actually be, well, fun.

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In addition to all this, below are a few reasons why cyclist after cyclist continues to choose CycleOps:

#1 Trainer in the USA

We're based in the US and the riders all across the country have rewarded us with their loyalty. Our Fluid² is a favorite among riders of all types while our SuperMagneto Pro is the official trainer of Trek Factory Racing — a team based out of our home state of Wisconsin. 

Top-Notch service

Want help choosing the right trainer? Have a question about Virtual Training? No matter your query, our incredible customer service team is ready to help. Just send out the CycleOps signal — or call us up on the phone — and you'll be back up and training in no time.

We're old (and that's a compliment)

With over fifteen years in the business, we've seen a lot of change. Our products have been through many iterations and paint jobs, but our intentions remain the same: help you become the best and happiest cyclist you can be.

A Warranty that lasts a lifetime

We stand behind every trainer we build with a lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship. We believe cycling is a lifetime sport and we think our products should last just as long.

So get out and ride. Or stay indoors. Just be sure to ride. You'll be happy you did.

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