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Progressive Magnetic
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Hammer Direct Drive Trainer

  • PowerTuned using PowerTap technology for accurate power readings.
  • Direct drive design for increased bike compatibility and quiet performance.
  • Innovative electromagnetic resistance provides rapid response resistance and maximum power.
  • Seamlessly connects to virtual training apps with dual ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth 4.0.
  • Product does not include cassette.
  • Cadence sensor, ANT+ USB and BlueGiga USB sold separately.
  • Zwift enabled.

Minor scratch and dent option also available.


Magnus Trainer

  • PowerTuned using PowerTap technology for +/- 5% accurate power readings.
  • Controlled, electromagnetic resistance provides a precise workout every time.
  • Dual ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart allow for connectivity to variety of training software, including Rouvy.
  • Cadence sensor, ANT+ USB and BlueGiga USB sold separately.
  • Zwift enabled.


SuperMagneto Pro Trainer

$419.99 - $519.99

JetFluid Pro Trainer

$399.99 - $499.99

Fluid² Trainer

$349.99 - $499.99

Magneto Trainer


Mag+ Trainer


Wind Trainer


Fluid Indoor Trainer


Mag Indoor Trainer

  • Magnetic resistance unit provides a quiet and frictionless ride.
  • Linear resistance boosts workout intensity to match each pedal stroke and gear click.
  • Features five adjustable levels of resistance.
  • Compatible with Zwift and other virtual training apps.
  • Optional Training Kit includes: trainer mat, riser block and sweat towel.

$129.99 - $169.99

PowerSync Trainer

  • PowerTap equipped technology gives accurate power readings with +/- 5% accuracy.
  • Electronic, Programmable controlled resistance.
  • Seamless integration with CycleOps VirtualTraining so you can ride anywhere, anytime.



Aluminum Rollers

  • Aluminum roller drums run silent and smooth.
  • Fold-flat or stand on end for convenient storage.
  • Available with unique patent-pending, 5-level adjustable resistance.

$309.99 - $389.99

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