Training Room

Rendering of man riding in the mountains.

How 3 Trek-Segafredo Pros Put Smart Trainers to Work During the Off-Season

Three riders share how they integrate smart bike trainers into their routines.

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How to Turn a CycleOps Yellow Bike Trainer into a Zwift-Ready Machine

Unlock a new way to train on a yellow bike trainer with Zwift.

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MBK Pro-Tip: Maintaining Bike Fitness During Pregnancy

Expecting mother and professional triathlete, Meredith Kessler, shares how the Hammer fits into her training.

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5 Training Tips from World's Best MTB Racers

Pro advice to help you raise your shred game.

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Road to Kona: How Your Bike Trainer Can Help Get You There

Insights from elite triathlete coach, Matt Dixon, of purplepatch Fitness.

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Iron Will, Iron Jill: Overcoming Obstacles to Become an Ironman

Get to know 2017 CycleOps Brand Ambassador, Jill Kuhn (aka: Iron Will Iron Jill).

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Cyclocross with a CrossFit Twist

The 2017 CrossFit Games welcomed a new sport into its programming.

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Crash Recovery: How a Bike Trainer Can Help You Get Back Out There

Professional cyclist, Lindsay Bayer, shares how she got back in the saddle.

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A Transformative Solution

Using CycleOps’ Hammer smart trainer and Zwift as a solution to Seattle’s dreary winters.

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