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Rendering of man riding in the mountains.

Why Train with a Bike Trainer: 4 Golden Rules of Indoor Riding

Coach Matt Dixon discusses the value of riding on an indoor bike trainer versus riding outside.

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5 Reasons To Choose a Smart Trainer Over a Basic Indoor Trainer

Find out what makes smart bike trainers the choice of the future.

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Cycling Nutrition for Beginners

Coach and dietitian Bob Seebohar helps breakdown the important aspects of daily and sport nutrition.

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You've Decided to Buy a Bike Trainer. Now What?

How to find the right training set-up for you and your goals.

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How to Build a Strong Foundation for the Season Ahead

Maximize your time for a successful season ahead with the help of purplepatch Fitness coach and founder, Matt Dixon.

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Bike Trainer Workouts with Global Cycling Network

These sessions are sure to keep you fit all winter long.

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Take the CVT 30 Mile Challenge

Ride 30 miles in one go!

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Our Commitment to Quality

What it takes to build best-in-class bike trainers in Madison, Wisconsin.

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Indoor vs Outdoor Cycling: Energy Expenditure

Coach Bob Seebohar highlights the nutritional differences between riding indoors and out.

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