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Give Them Wheels - Watch Them Go!

Passionate about the wellbeing of children, Free Bikes 4 Kidz (FB4K) brings communities together to sustainably furnish bikes to kids-in-need, providing a pathway to health, happiness and opportunity.

Free Bikes 4 Kidz

How to Donate

Just $30 puts a child on a bike with a brand-new helmet.
Free Bikes 4 Kidz

How to Get Involved

FB4K has 12 locations in the USA. See if there’s a chapter near you.
Free Bikes 4 Kidz

Free Bikes 4 Kidz x Saris

At Saris, we consider bike advocacy our work away from work. And there are two things that Saris, and our founders, the Fortune family, are passionate about – and that’s kids and bikes. This commitment to kids and bikes is shared by Free Bikes 4 Kidz and their passion for equitable access to bikes.

Free Bikes 4 Kidz is on a mission to give away over 1 million bikes by 2024. With 12 chapters in the USA, including our hometown of Madison, Wisconsin, FB4K is well on their way to meeting this goal. We’re proud to support their efforts both here at home, and on the national level.

$10 for Free Bikes 4 Kidz with every Celebration Blue Bones EX 3-Bike Sold

Help a Kid, Be a Kid – Volunteer in Madison, Wisconsin